TITLE: Drawing Feelings

CATEGORY: Web Design, Web Animation, Data Visualization

DATE: May 2017

TOOLS: Java Script, node.js, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, hand drawing



'Drawing Feelings' is a data visualization website that tells the story of my every day feelings through daily drawings of objects that represent my feelings. This was my thesis project at NYU ITP.

URL: http://www.drawingfeelings.com/

Research & Drawing Rules

I started my research by doing an annonymous survey and 80 people responded. I asked them if they ever feel in doubt and if so, in which situation. Turns out, people feel doubt in all their major aspects of life and decided to take a closer look at the artists' doubt about one's art. Then I pulled out tweets that use the word "doubt" and compared the results with the survey I took. It was clear to me that we live in two different worlds: The Outside World where we act and feel based on the society's norms and an Inside World where we hide how we feel from the world. Then I decided to look closely into my own feelings and to do so, I set up drawing rules. This was the starting point for my thesis project.

My Hand drawings

People's Drawings

I invited people to draw their feelings as objects in the World Outside and Inside and here is what they drew.

CSS animation


"Drawing Feelings" is a personal journey of finding my inside and outside worlds through daily drawings of objects that represent my feelings. World Inside represents how we feel in society and World Inside represents how we really feel and what we hide from the world. The story begins on Feb 19th and ends on March 20th 2017. This was my thesis project at NYU ITP.


Check out the project live at http://www.drawingfeelings.com

I entered my feelings every day in a database using MongoDB and created an API.

Data Visualization

Using this data, I made a visualization. The visualization I chose to make is a comparison of my Outside and Inside Worlds.



Thesis Presentation